Die & Break feat MC Fats and Buggsy – Peace & Dub ( Grand Funk Hustle EP )

‘Peace and Dub’ does exactly what it says on the tin, dubbed out vibes from Bristolians ‘Break’ and ‘Die’. Known for their bass bin rumbling drum and bass, their latest offering on ‘Digital Sound Boy’ has a different pace. From the get go this has got dub written all over it with nice acoustic sounding hi hats and snare with huge delays on the riffs. Enter ‘Mc Fats’ also known for his drum and bass background (Check ‘Drop it Down’ with ‘Calibre’) his chorus and verses are sparsely peppered throughout the track with nice delays giving it an oldskool dub vibe. The bass flows deep and smooth through the track with nice rhodes delayed bouncing off giving it a nice spaced feeling. Enter ‘Buggsy’, sharp poetic coherent rhymes delivered at break neck speed, definitely a nod to the new style of mc.That’s what this track is all about, paying homage to classic dub tunes while looking forward to the future. If you want a snap shot of modern Bristol check the video, it shows a city oozing with culture with a soundtrack to match.

Christopher ‘Scruff’ Mc Cullagh

Appleblim & October – NY Fizzzzz

July 2011

‘NY fizz’ is the debut release from ‘Schmorgasboard’ records, a Bristol label which fusses 4/4 House and Techno. October is no stranger to the 4/4 variety of electronic music with releases on Techno giant Kompakt and running his own label ‘Caravan’ records. ‘Appleblim’ on the other hand has leaned more towards to dub side things with seminal releases on ‘skull disco’ and ‘Punch Drunk’ records. ‘NY Fizz’ begins with heavy kicks and open hats which have an early house feel. Overall the track has got a dark feel reminisce of ‘Appleblim’ dark ‘Skull Disco’ anthems. The breakdown creeps from the background with piano chords which drop into an atmospheric lull of airy chords and sound affects. Put together the darkness of the the bass and beats blend well with the atmospheric chords making this track genre blending winner.

Christopher ‘Scruff’ Mc Cullagh